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  #217 - Val Returns                        
Val Returns

Monday, February 19, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: I almost went to the Portland Rod & Custom Show this past weekend. I have zero interest in autosports, hot rods and rebuilding cars, but Kari Byron was there on Saturday (perhaps there's more crossover for fans of an Artist/Mythbuster and customized cars than I realized). I was tempted to go solely to introduce myself, give her the URL to this comic, and casually mention that she's the only person who has TWO characters named in her honor. But I'd rather do that when our interaction isn't jammed in with a gazillion fanboys, all waiting anxiously for her attention. Perhaps now that I mention this, she'll find her way here (Ms. Byron, if you read this, please email me and let me know!).

In other news, today is Presidents Day (well, here in the US; I can understand why other countries might not celebrate it)! Young People may not know that we used to celebrate Washington's Birthday on the 22nd and Lincoln's Birthday on the 12th, until Scientists discovered that the two were actually both born on the THIRD MONDAY IN FEBRUARY! So that's when we celebrate. The More You Know...

More importantly, I've got a Big Very-Cool Announcement coming up, as soon as I can post the link...

ETA: The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards (WCCAs) have been announced! If you haven't noticed, I created the comic announcing the winner of the Outstanding Photographic Comic Award! Do I need to point out that I'm thrilled? I didn't think so.

My sincere congratulations to all the nominees and winners in all categories! And thanks to the WCCA for giving me the opportunity to present!

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