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You (yes, YOU!) can have your photo posted here! Take a picture of yourself wearing your "Ask Dr. Eldritch" t-shirt, or wearing your "Ask Dr. Eldritch" button, or holding a sign that reads "I ♥ Dr. Eldritch!" or pretty much anything like that (we try to maintain suitable low standards), and email it to DrEldritch at this website (see Contacts page if you can't figure that out). Please, keep the size below 1M! I'll post the photos here, so you can show the world what your Favorite Webcomic and Advice Column for Extraordinary Situations is!

Reader SooGuy w/Book!
Reader SooGuy with Book
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Enesvy, Zombie Gurl TJ and Chill
Zombie Bumper Stickers
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Chill, Evan, Zombie Gurl TJ and Enesvy
Fans at Stumptown
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Tom of Planet Tomek
Ask Dr. Eldritch Fan Photo Tom
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Princess Louie, Submitted by Awesome Reader Sanguinity
Ask Dr. Eldritch Fan Photo Sanguinity
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Maleficient, Submitted by Awesome Reader Zombie Gurl TJ
Maleficient Zombie Gurl TJ
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Princesses, Submitted by Reader Salamander
Princesses  Salamander
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Readers Enesvy and Zombie Gurl TJ and their Zombie Danger Sign
Easter Egg Zombie Danger Sign
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Reader Enesvy as Fairy Easter Egg
Enesvy Fairy
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Reader Zombie Gurl TJ as a Zombie Corpse
Zombie Gurl TJ Corpse
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Submitted by Reader Zombie Gurl TJ
Easter Egg Zombie Gurl TJ
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Reader Laura showing off her Everything's Better With Tentacles Button
Reader Laura
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Submitted by Reader Darchangel
Easter Egg Darchangel
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Submitted by Reader SooGuy
Ask Dr. Eldritch Fan Photo SooGuy
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Readers Chilly and Serena enjoying a Vote Incentive Comic
Readers Chilly and Serena
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2 Years/300 Comics Party
Ask Dr. Eldritch Fan Party
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