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  #705 - Some Like It HOT                                                                   New episodes When Available
Some Like It HOT

Bonus 5th Panel


Monday, August 14, 2023

TODAY'S NEWS: I spent a bunch of time trying to write up Today's News which became an exploration of not feeling like I'm "normal" and what that meant, and it got to be way too much to drop onto my fans who are mostly just here to read some funny webcomics, so we'll table that. Let's just say that I've been putting off seeing a new dentist because of reasons, but I finally have an appointment Monday morning, so I'm posting this on Sunday. We in the Pacific Northwest are going to be dealing with triple-digit weather this week, and whether you're here or anywhere else that's hot, I hope you stay cool and safe, and definitely get yourself an osculating fan if you can find one.

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