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Eldritch Icon
Dr. Eldritch
An ex-Vampire-Killer turned consultant turned Advice Columnist, Dr. Eldritch is currently employed as caretaker to Mounthgate Hall, a mysterious mansion in Portland, Oregon. While much of his own history is shrouded in mystery too, he is known for his expansive knowledge, steadiness in the face of danger, and fondness of frozen dairy desserts.

First Appears: Comic #001 - Pleased To Meet You   Storyline: Beginnings
SECRET FACT: Dr. Eldritch appears to have the ability to walk through walls. But whenever anyone asks about it, he expertly changes the subject.  

Kari Icon
Kari Proctor
Kari gave up a job in the exciting world of consumer document reproduction to move to Portland and become a professional dog walker. She was selected to sub-let at the mansion based on a recommendation by Dr. Eldritch's friend Cyril (who has yet to be seen in the comic). While life in the mansion is frequently unlike any of her previous experiences, she's learning to deal with the the strange and unusual.

First Appears: Comic #001 - Pleased To Meet You   Storyline: Beginnings
SECRET FACT: Can speak French, German and Belgian!  

Trevor Icon
Trevor is a Troll, who lives in the basement and eats intruders. He is a highly-unusual troll, in that he enjoys human company and is remarkably social. Trevor's been Dr. Eldritch's companion for many years, but the exact story of how they became friends has not yet been told. Trevor enjoys television, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and calling the Reference Librarian with odd questions.

First Appears: Comic #004 - There's a THING In the Kitchen   Storyline: Beginnings
SECRET FACT: One time, at camp, Trevor ate his weight in lard!  

Ping Icon
Ping is an autonomous cybernetic being of unknown origin, but he displays common robot traits: A lack of emotions, odd behavior quirks and an ongoing desire to kill all Humans. While he's agreed to live by the first two of Asimov's Laws of Robotics, including not stealing things, he's not above practical jokes and intentionally bad cooking.

First Appears: Comic #040 - Intruder Alert!   Storyline: New Friends
SECRET FACT: Not only is Ping a robo-atheist, he doesn't believe in the existence of the Master Control Program.  

Val Icon
Valeria Steele
Born Namaste Butterfly Spirit O'Hare, she prefers being called "Val." An Interdimensional explorer by trade, she uses Mounthgate Hall as a base of operations when she's around. Val was the subject of an experiment with cat genes, to make her stronger and faster. The treatment has some side effects, such as causing her to randomly run from room to room, and other cat behaviors.

First Appears: Comic #048 - She's Got A Gun!   Storyline: New Friends
SECRET FACT: Val has a tattoo of a cat with butterfly wings, but it's on a body part she doesn't show to just anyone.  

Byron Icon
Although he appears to be a werewolf, Byron is a Lycanthromimus, commonly known as a "Werewolf Mimic." He doesn't change shape at the full moon, nor attack people in a bloodthirsty frenzy, so he's well suited for his job as a Hunting Trophy.

First Appears: Comic #020 - Yes, A Party!   Storyline: New Friends
First Speaks: Comic #097 - And You Are...?   Storyline: Val's Secret Life
SECRET FACT: During Halloweeen, Byron earns some extra cash working at local Haunted Houses, where they think he's just a short guy who really loves dressing up like a werewolf.  

Sudbury Icon
Much of Sudbury's past is Shrouded in Mystery. What is a talking skull that uses obsolete Middle-English words doing on Dr. Eldritch's desk? How did he come to be a talking skull, anyway? And how does he make his eyes glow red? These Mysteries have yet to be revealed. But we do know that he dislikes being hidden in Kari's commode, and he enjoys chastising the contestants on game shows for their avarice. He sure knows how to have fun!

First Appears: Comic #107 - Bathroom Humor   Storyline: How There Came To Be Charades
SECRET FACT: Sudbury actually doesn't mind watching "Slatterns in their Immodest Garnements", but he isn't about to admit it.  

Nahina Icon
As a Fairy, Nahina loves cute things and stealing socks. She also may be a bit ruthless and bloodthirsty. While most of the other inhabitants don't seem to be aware of her, she's had multiple conversations with Dr. Eldritch. She's also known to have a relationship with Sudbury, involving head-scratching and singing. Her words sparkle when she talks, too.

First Appears: Comic #120 - Post-Battle Bonding   Storyline: Charades & Zombies
First Speaks: Comic #161 - Nahina   Storyline: Life In The Mansion
SECRET FACT: Nahina is often confused with another sock-stealing fairy in the Mansion, who wears purple.  

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