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  #218 - That's Sympathy?                                                                   New episodes Monday, Wednesday and Friday
That's Sympathy?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: I realized after I wrote this that it might not be clear that Barry and Randall were talking about taping the events in the kitchen, NOT a TV show. Which got me to thinking that one of the big advantages we'll realize when our society finally goes to everyone being recorded 24/7 is the ability to go back and see stuff you missed. If you couldn't attend a really fun party, watch the video! Forgot where you put your keys? Fast forward through the footage until you see where you set them. Sure, there will be a lot of tediously boring sections, like when you're sleeping or at work, but that's a small price to pay to allow our government to constantly monitor our activities.

But on to Important Matters! By now, you've seen the announcement that I created the 2007 WCCA Outstanding Photographic Comic Award Presentation Comic.

If you're one of those readers arriving here for the first time from the WCCA presentation, Welcome! Today's comic probably will make more sense if you read from the start of this story arc, or better yet, from the very beginning. Be aware that Ask Dr. Eldritch is for a Mature Audience, and contains stuff like adult themes, nudity, robot sex and possibly hot lesbian sex.

When I developed the presentation comic, I knew I wanted to include the full cast, and other popular elements, like an Easter Egg, a coded message and a Douglas Adams reference. I've given Boxes of Virtual Doughnuts to those people who were the first to identify several things. Doughnuts are still up for grabs for another Easter Egg and identifying the source and explanation for the Douglas Adams reference (BTW: I realized that I said the Easter Egg was in Panel 2, and what I should of said was that it's NOT in Panel 2 (I blame lack of sleep and insufficient ice cream)).

2007 WCCA Outstanding Photographic Comic Award Presentation Comic
1. The Easter Egg (yes, it's a creature in Panel 2). IDENTIFIED
1.a The OTHER Easter Egg (not in Panel 2). It's tricky. IDENTIFIED
2. The Secret Message. DECODED
3. The Douglas Adams Reference. IDENTIFIED
3.a Specify the source of the Douglas Adams Reference and what happens in the scene that makes it appropriate to the action in the comic. IDENTIFIED

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