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  #237 - Talking                        

Friday, April 6, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: Running from now through the end of May will be the Reader Vote Incentive Comic Contest! Submit one or more Vote Incentive Comics, and they may be included in these 30 new comics for the world-wide Ask Dr. Eldritch fanbase to see when they vote! You can do better than dogs wearing neckties, right?

Send in your original* completed Vote Incentive Comic artwork or photograph to the Contest email address at the domain. Image dimensions are flexible, but the must be suitably sized to fit into a 600 x 600 pixel frame. (And please, filesize smaller than 1M.) Dialog and/or caption text should be included in the image, but if you need me to edit them together, I can do that if you provide the text.

If you've been wanting to try your hand at webcomics, this is an excellent way to begin! Don't worry about not being a great artist; if you can be funny with stick figures, you should enter. Or if you can draw funny pictures, send them in and ask me to come up with the caption! If you're already a Famous Webcomic Artist, that's cool too! Contributors will be credited when the comic appears.

Enter! You know you want to!

*You must own the copyright for all images submitted. All entries become the property of

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