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  #215 - Decision                              

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: The idea for the latest Tip Of The Week* happened while I was at the Client's site where I go for Big Happy Fun Time**. A twenty-something woman walks into the break room with a small fleece blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Now, most people would say something unimaginative, like "Are you cold, then?" But what goes through my mind is "Oh, if you see a monster, you can put the blanket over your head so it can't get you!" This amuses me quite a bit, but my Workplace Filter kicks in, so I don't say it. I mean, I don't know this woman at all; I have no idea how she'd take it (although I'd hope the sort of person who would wear a blanket around the office would have a sense of humor). Anyway, she probably thinks of me now as "That Old Guy Who Smirks Every Time He Sees Me." I don't know whether I should introduce myself and try to explain, or just duck down behind the nearest cubicle whenever she's heading my way...

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** What most people call "Work," I refer to as "Big Happy Fun Time" to trick myself into believing that I'm actually enjoying it***.

*** This doesn't work.

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