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  #207 - Plot Thickener                        
Plot Thickener

Friday, January 26, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: We haven't had a good Cliffhanger for a while. Who are these Mysterious Strangers? What do they mean, destroyed? Like, destroyed destroyed? You'll have to wait until Monday to find out what happens next!

Fan Art Contest: Got some free time this weekend? Enter the Fan Art Contest! Put together an image on the topic of next-week's advice column and email it to me by Monday noon.
Topic: A Djinn yearns to be released from granting the greedy wishes of humans.

Finalists for the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards have finally been announced! Despite my fervent hopes that Life would be like a Feel-Good Movie where the Talented But Unknown Outsider Comes From Nowhere To Win Fame and Recognition From His Peers, my comic did not make the cut for any category. I'm disappointed, but not too surprised.

My congratulations go out to all comics that have been nominated for WCCAwards, and especially those in the Outstanding Photographic Comic category! They are: A Softer World by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau, Alien Loves Predator by Bernie Hou, Legostar Galactica by D.M. Jeftinija, Sinister Bedfellows by Mckenzee, and Twisted Kaiju Theater by Sean McGuinness. It's an honor to have my hopes crushed by such talented artists! My best wishes go out to all of them, and regardless of who wins, we'll all know the truth, won't we?

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