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  #286 - Misunderstanding                        

Monday, July 30, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: Yes, I posted today's comic four hours later than usual, but despite my good intentions*, I didn't have today's comic ready before I left. I had this idea while on the airplane. I was grateful that I wasn't sitting next to someone who would insist on knowing why I was snickering.

Comic-Con was great! The webcomicy news is that I talked with Phil and Kaja Foglio of Girl Genius, who were very friendly and personable. They'd heard of my work, which was cool. I try to not be too star-struck, but I've liked Phil Foglio's illustration work for Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures books for decades.

I also spoke with Bill Barnes of Unshelved, who had read my comic and had positive things to say about it (I managed to calmly not fall on the floor in awe on hearing that). He gave some suggestions, which I'll elaborate on when they're ready to implement.

For both encounters, I think I came across pretty well, and not too freaky/self-centered/stalkerish. I always worry afterward whether I talked too much about me, or didn't mention that I liked their work rather a lot, or said anything too weird when my mouth got too far ahead of my brain and wouldn't stop talking. They all seemed pleased to chat and didn't look around furtively in the manner that suggests they're hoping someone will come rescue them, so I think those conversations went all right.

* You know what they say about Good Intentions and the Road to Barstow...

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