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  #210 - Call Me Malki                        
Call Me Malki

Friday, February 2, 2007

TODAY'S NEWS: When I first considered creating a webcomic, I got a number of books from the library on the topic. I learned that most books on the subject are about drawing superhero comics. Lots of information about how to draw figures; anatomy and movement. The material got sparser talking about layout, and scripting and character development got just a couple pages, if at all. So I'm mostly self-taught. The point of all that is that I'd originally included a bridge comic to go from the living room to the kitchen. But that's about all it did, and it wasn't particularly risible. So I cut it. I figured my readers could handle the webcomic equivalent of a Black-Diamond Run, and make the jump without me having to explain it. I hope you said something like "Oh, look! They must have moved to the kitchen so Kari could be more comfortable and have her guests at eye level!" Perhaps you didn't. But that's what happened.

Happy Groundhog Day! My International Readers may not know that Groundhog Day is the third biggest holiday in the US, after Christmas and Superbowl Sunday.* Not much work will get done today, as people dress up in their Groundhog Costumes, prepare the traditional Groundhog Feast, and wait to see whether we'll get six more weeks of Winter. It's like Bolivia's Capybara Day, without the spankings.


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