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COMING SOON! Ask Dr. Eldritch in delicious podcast form!

If you'd like to audition to be a performer in upcoming Ask Dr. Eldritch Podcasts, here's what you do:

1. Record these three lines, A, B & C (In Red). Read Line A in your best "Announcer" voice. Line B should have a conversational feel, as if you're actually asking someone a question. It should be your normal speaking voice. For Line C, you can show off a a bit; accents or alternate voices.

A. Warning. There IS cause for alarm. Please stand by for further instructions.

B. Hi, Doctor Eldritch! I'm kind of worried that something strange might have happened to my
    best friend. He doesn't eat or sleep any more, his eyes glow red, and he keeps muttering about
    how the humans must be exterminated. How can I tell if someone has been replaced by a robot?

C. That's how I went from having a normal life with a good job and low-interest mortgage to
    being stranded in a cabin deep in the woods, with two dead bodies, a suitcase full of cash,
    and three jars of excellent orange marmelade. Oh, and possibly being the only one who can
    stop an invasion from space. So I thought, "What would Doctor Eldritch do?"

2. For recording D, decide how you would like to be credited (either your real name or a pseudonym) if you're selected. Record that name or pseudonym, in your nomal speaking voice.

3. Save these recordings as four audio files (e.g. .wav, .mp3, etc.). Use the naming format PC_name_a, where 'name' is your name, and 'a' is A, B, C, or D. 4. Email those audio files to: Comic Archive, with a subject of "Podcast Audition."

That's it! The Minions and I will review every audition, but we can't guarantee that we'll have parts for everyone. You can increase your chances of being cast by following the instructions carefully, and making recordings of good-quality sound with little background noise. If you have any questions, you can email me for further information.

Terms and Conditions

Audio recordings will become the property of Ask Dr. Eldritch/Evan Nichols. Audio files may be used in whole or in part, and altered or digitally manipulated. Receipt of a submission does not guarantee that any audio file will be used in any podcast or other media form. Identification of the Performer in the credits will be the sole compensation for audio recordings submitted to Ask Dr. Eldritch/Evan Nichols. Submission of any audio file indicates that the Performer has read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Last Revised: September 7, 2008 © 2003-2007 Evan M. Nichols