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  #459 - Unsupportive                        

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bonus 5th Panel

TODAY'S NEWS: Hey, Fans! I planned to self-publish my first collection of columns, but as I prepare the manuscript, I'm also going to make a push toward finding a publisher. I am pursuing the traditional query-letter route, but I thought I'd flex the Awesome Power of my friends, fans and colleagues to see if I could make a connection via Networking. If you'd like to help, there's a couple things you could do:
  1. If you have any relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, friends or friends-of-friends in the publishing business, mention to them that I have a hot manuscript, and refer them to my advice column and online query letter or downloadable Word doc version.
  2. Post in your blog, website, favorite forums and/or bulletin boards a mention of my search. Even if you don't know an editor, it's quite likely that one of your friends might (or know someone who does (that whole "six-degrees" thing)). Something like: "I read that Evan Nichols is seeking a publisher for a collection of his humorous advice-column letters about the extraordinary and supernatural, as seen at He's pretty funny,* so if you, or your friends, or your friends-of-friends have contacts in a suitable publishing house, they should check it out! His online query letter is here, and you can email him at"
*Feel free to elaborate effusively, if you like.

Thanks! Any contacts you can send my way are greatly appreciated! And if you're the person who makes the link between me and a publisher... let's just say I will be very grateful.

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