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  #320 - Fixing                        

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

txtTODAY'S NEWS: If you like the webcomic, you may also enjoy the Advice Column! This week's letter is from a baby who claims to be a reincarnated detective, who wants to solve crimes. Check it out here!

As we approach Halloween, remember the Be an Easter Egg Contest! Who hasn't wished that they were part of a world-famous webcomic? Now you can be! You may appear as an Easter Egg in a future comic, if you do the following:
1. Dress up in a costume. It should be some monster or supernatural creature, such as a vampire, fairy, zombie, elf, werewolf, pixie, mummy, gnome, etc. (sorry, your Doctor costume doesn't count).
2. Take a clear, full-body digital photograph. Your photo is more likely to be used of you're doing something interesting, like running, flying, attacking, hiding, peering around a corner, or even sitting as if you're watching the comic characters. Yes, "standing" is an action, but it's not nearly so interesting.
3. Unscramble this email address ( @ contest), and email your photo to it, in a png or jpg format, no larger than 1M size. Include in your email how you want to be identified (e.g. Reader Zanzibar), or if you wish to remain anonymous.
That's it! So get your Halloween costumes ready to be an Easter Egg!

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